Doktor Timour Paltashev



Office& Math tools: MS Project Manager, MS Office (all components), VISIO, Mapple.
Operating Systems: Unix, MS DOS, all versions of Windows;
Hardware design tools: S3ML, VHDL, Verilog, Synopsys Module Compiler/Express and Design
Compiler, Mentor Graphics ModelSim and Monet, Renoir;
Programming tools: C, C++, SystemC, S3ML, OpenGL, MS D3D, HTML, Intel, Motorola & MIPS ASL


January 2001-present: Graphics Architecture Manager in S3 Graphics Inc., Fremont, CA
Activity: Development of new generation fully programmable graphics architecture;
Management of 3D hardware architecture development team (10 engineers, mostly senior personnel)

January 2003-present: Part time faculty member in California State University-Hayward and Northwestern
Polytechnic University-Fremont
Activity: Teaching advanced computer graphics and computer architecture to graduate students;

August 2000-December 2000 Development Manager in architecture group at S3 Inc., Santa Clara, CA:
Activity: Development of various graphics hardware units (architecture and tools);
Management of small architecture development team (3 engineers);

January 2000-July 2000 Senior Graphics Architect in S3 Incorporated, Santa Clara, CA:
Activity: Programmable Geometry and Pixel Engine architecture development;
Management of 2 engineers;

June 1999-December 1999-Consulting Sr. Graphics Architect in S3 Inc., Santa Clara, CA;

August 1998- December 1999 Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology;

1996-May 1998 Research Associate, Visiting Professor, Consultant in Civil Engineering and Computer Science Departments of Brigham Young University, Provo, UT;

1995-96 Academic Vice President of St.Petersburg State Education Center of Atomic Energy Ministry (SEC) and Director of Novell Authorized Training Center;

1994-96 Professor (part time) of Computer Technology Department in St.Petersburg Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (IFMO);

1994-95 Head of Computer Technology Dept. in the State Education Center;

1990-94 Doctorate & Research Associate in Computer Science/Engineering Department of IFMO;

1987-90 Head of Graphics Terminal Laboratory in Military Dept. Kazakhstan Polytechnic Institute;

1983-87 Ph.D student in Computer Science/Engineering Department of IFMO;

1981-83 Instructor in Computer Sc/Engineering Department of Kazakhstan Polytechnic Institute;

1978-81 Senior Lieutenant in Air-Space Defense Force of Soviet Army;


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