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Scholarships in Italy for Uyghur Students

There is a possibility for Uyghur students to obtain scholarships from some universities in Italy. 

10000 Euro scholarships for 50 students and another 8000 Euro scholarships for 50 students. Most (but not all) of the students are selected from the top universities in China. A student can obtain this scholarship by directly contacting a university in Italy or through an agreement between a Chinese university and Italy. Students can apply directly to the university. The majors on which such a scholarship is offered are Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer, Management and more. Deadline: 28th April 2006. 

Please check out this website:

Success stories: One Uyghur student applied to this scholarship last year and got 8000 Euro scholarships. Now he already started his master’s study in Italy. If you need any help, we will help you. Please contact us, or contact with the university. Our e-mail addresses are (Please send e-mail to the following 2 addresses together at the same time):

Mamatjan Yasin:

Erkin Sidick:           erkin @

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