Personal Statement

I am an Uyghur born and grown up in the northwestern part of China, in a remote province currently called Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.  The situation of my people embedded a certain ambition within me: A desire to be successful so I can someday give something back to my homeland and my people. In addition, in my early life I have been proved to be gifted—I have been a top performer in my class from elementary school to college.  I want to utilize my talent to the maximum of my ability in acquiring various knowledge and skills, and live the best life possible in the future.  That is why I attended one of the top financial institutions in China to complete my undergraduate college education. And that is why I determined to pursue graduate level studies.
Besides my strong motivation, my outstanding performance in high school and college, my active participation in social activities and my work experiences have helped me to develop strong analytical and communications skills. These qualities have prepared me to handle complex problems and have given me the confidence to continue my education in the graduate level.
My employment during 2000-2001 as an assistant manager in Urumchi Import –Export company was a rewarding experience. My responsibilities included ordering products from overseas, managing inventory, conducting customer services and accounting. I was also able to give several proposals to the company to help them better serve their customers. Our hard work had paid off.  Our net profit doubled in one year. At the same time, my interpersonal and management skills were nurtured during this employment.
In Addition, my four years experience in Urumchi Radio as a broadcaster gave me the opportunity to understand the current political and economical system of China and the world.  By gathering news and other information, developing ideas and proposals for programs, conducting research for stories and interviews and writing news scripts, I developed strong critical thinking ability which added a new dimension to my qualifications for graduate studies.
I believe that my background and my determination for success have assisted me in identifying my academic goals that I desire. I am sure that MS in Economy program at Washington State University will give me the chance to fulfill my dream.  Therefore, I sincerely hope to be given the opportunity to attend the graduate program in Economics at Washington State University.

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