1. TOEFL Üchün tewsiye kitaplar
Hazir TOEFL imtahanig IBT( internet based test) shekli yolgha quyuldi.
bu imtahannig burunqi PBT (paper based test) tin periqi :
1. burunqi structure qismi emeldin qalduruldi.
2.speaking qoshuldi.
3. listening qisimi tesleshti.

towende bir qanche kitaplarni tewsiye qilimen:
TOEFL imtahani uchun paydilnish kitapliri bek. men tewsiye qildighan kitap:
TOEFL 词汇精选 (张红岩 主编)
TOEFLL 听力习语必备 (许杨 主编)
TOEFL 高分写作 (胡敏 主编)
TOEFL 全真试题集(ETS 主编)
bundin bashqa tor betliridin eng yigi teqlidi imtahan suallirini chushurup , shu suallarni ishlisingiz paydisi kop. teqlidi sual ishlesh jeryanida sual ishlesh suretni yitildurush bek muhim.

yene aglash we sozlesh qabilyitini osturush uchun amirika nig kop qisimliq tilwiziye filimi Friends ni bosh waqitliringizda korup qoysingiz paydisi chuqum bolidu.
2. About TOEFL IBT
TOEFL is not a name that is unfamiliar to the person who wants to study abroad. But now here is a new term come into birth about this test. That is the TOEFL IBT. Actually it means internet based TOEFL test. The whole procedures of this test are controlled by computer, by internet. There is no one telling you about time or reminding you about answering the right question at the right time. All of the things are done by computer automatically. For example, when the time is
expired for one section, the screen will disappear,
 you can not return to the previous question for changing the hesitated answer.
It is a quiet new and different form compared to the TOEFL PBT( paper based TOEFL). It is new because it has new testing contents, new testing ways and new testing
points and prepared the qualities and standards of testing one’s universal level using English as a
 second language. It is different, because it tests your ability by making the listening, reading, speaking, and writing become a unity. It measures your receptive and expressive skills equally. Half the total score of the test is based on reading and listening --- on how well you receive and understand English. The half of total score is based on speaking and writing---on how well you express yourself using English. It measures integrated skills. You can find here is writing in listening, and listening in writing. Also here is listening in speaking, and speaking in listening. There is no way to
test listening only by listening, to test writing only by writing, and to test language structure ability only by the stupid repeated question types . There is no structure section in it.
May be you have already heard about that the IBT has speaking section. But it is not the only difference of PBT and IBT in contents. Although both of the tests have the listening section, reading section and the writing section, they are much different in time limit, amount and difficultness of the questions in each section. In addition, IBT uses more authentic language in the reading and listening.
About the details, I think it is wise to give a comparative explanation.
Section 1. Listening: 45 minutes
a. listen to short conversations
b. listen to longer dialogues.
c. listen to longer pieces of spoken communication such as academic lectures ,
Section 2. Structure: 20 minutes
(there is no use to talk much about this section)
Section 3. Reading: 65 minutes
4- 5 short texts, (300-500 words each)
Section 4. Writing: 30 minutes
Write a short essay on the topic given.
Section 1 Reading: 60- 100 minutes read 3-5passages( 675-725 words each)
answer 12-14 questions on each passage.
Section 2 listening: 60- 90 minutes
a.. listen to 2-3 conversations, answer 5 questions on each conversation.
b. listen to 4- 6 lectures,2 of which include student comments
Answer 6 questions on each lecture
Section 3 speaking: 20 minutes,
a. speak based on familiar experience (2 independent tasks)
b. speak based on a reading or a listening passage (4 integrated tasks)
Section 4 writing: 50 minutes
a. write an essay based on a reading and a listening passage (1 integrated task)
b. write an essay based on a prompt only (based on the given topic)

From the words about the PBT and IBT, there is no doubt that any one can see the points that the IBT is much more practical and difficult and the old methods of preparing TOEFL will not be adaptable for this new test form.
How can we do for getting a good score in IBT?
1. Must do long time’s continuous work on reading and listening. For reading and listening, there are no restrictions about materials, any types of materials are ok, but you should be clear that you should promise yourself to understand these materials about 80 percent. If you can, you should select materials more difficult than previous ones. If you can’t, you need more practice.
2. Because the IBT listening is long and difficult, and it is impossible for you to answer correctly only by your memorization. So it is necessary for you to take down some important points and data, details during the listening. There fore, during the daily practice, you had better do some practice on quick notes.
3. Although there is no limitation on the listening and reading materials for preparation, the academic lectures and passages should take important positions among them according to the IBT test reality I think.
4. In order to know well about the details and to make yourself familiar with the real IBT test, you should by some original IBT test materials from the TOEFL testing service. By reading this materials and do some practice tests which added the book, you can learn how to control your time, how to answer different types of questions. At the same time , you can estimate yourself about how far you are from the IBT and at the test day, you will find yourself not in stress in front of the computer, on the contrary, feel as free as if you are taking the PBT or doing daily exercises.
Finally I want to say every one who wants to go abroad to study: ``don’t be frustrated by IBT, study hard and continue. Success is always ready to embrace the ones who make continuous efforts. ``

May be you ask me that why I did not talk about the preparation of speakin gand , this is the most dificult part in your eyes, and writing. Yes, I did not talked much about that. Because these skills are developed on your ability of reading and listening. The reading ability actually does not mean only reading. It is related with the scope of your vacobulary, the ability of differentiating structure of sentences, the ability of analizing the details and important points , and the ability to make a conclusion about the gist of the passage. Listening is also the same. If you do not have enough vacobularies ,some special uses and expressions of words and sentences, and intuition about the perpose of the speakers , You do not wish to speak well and write well, and do not wish to have a desirable score on TOEFL IBT. As I said above, the TOEFL IBT uses more authentic words and sentences in listening and reading, and most of the materials is the material which has fairly high academic contents. Here what I want to say is that the listening and reading is the base, you should make a good foundation about them at first, and then on this base, you do some additional practices of writing and speaking. you can learn from the essays on the books about the ways of expression , and you can recite some essays and speak it loudly for improving your speaking ability. it is also a useful way. If you have linguistic inviorenment, for example , here is a condition for you to listen and talk with foreigners, you should make a full use of this chance. Of course, there is no a specific way of preparation, every one can select his own way according to his own reality. I only introduced my own opinions on the whole for the sake of Uyghur youthes who have a dream of taking this test and going abroad to study. In a word, all of them needs time , effort and your courage. ....
3. Wetendiki IELTS imtihani bermekchi bolghan dostlar üchün
Wetendiki IELTS imtihan bermekchi bolghan dostlar üchün bir tor betni tewsiye qilimen.
http://bbs.3gbbs.com Bu bette nurghun pdf formatidiki IELTS qa alaqidar matériyallarni chüshüreleysiz.
4. Toefl Imtihani Bermekchi Bolghan Dostlar Üchün
Bu Toefl imtihan bermekchi bolghan dostlar üchün nahayiti yaxshi qoral dep qaraymen. Bu Yéngi Toefl imtihani asasida ishlen'gen bolup, her bir basquchi imtihanning jeryanini eynen eks ettüreleydu.
Awal iso formatidiki höjjatni alaqidar yumshaq détal (DAEMON Tools) arqiliq yeshsingizla bolidu. Téximu köp Uyghur qérindashlirimizning Toefl imtihani arqiliq gherb elliride pen-medeniyet öginishi üchün asanliq tughdurush hemmimizning burchi.
5. TOEFL imtihani bergentin kiyinki tesirat (in English)
This is the impression I got after I had taken TOEFL iBT test this Januarary. It's not going to help you to prepare for the test, but may help you to bit understand how the test is. You know, taking such important tests always bring you pressure, but you have to overcome it.

I finally took the TOEFL test.

The same question came to me again. People asked me if I did a good job during the exam, after I had taken it. It’s always the same matter people who take exams may come across. And this is normal. But the feeling could be different. What I might say about the test is, I don’t know how I did in the test, and I will tell you guys after I get the score. I wish I will bring you good news.

However, I may tell you what feelings I got from the test. The first thing I’m happily telling you is I had a discovery just after the test. It is the differences between ‘exam’ and ‘test’. In our language-Uyghur, or Chinese, we have only one word for both ‘exam’ and ‘test’. I haven’t thought about their differences, as they both indicate some kind of challenging which will show your performance after you have done it. In fact, the Americans themselves don't know if these two words are different to some degree, it's true. I suddenly came to realize that TOEFL is a test, though I used to call it as an exam. In contrast, GRE is an exam. Many people may think and have been thinking that they are the exams in the same method. However, TOEFL and IELTS are tests, which are purposed to test or check your ability in English as a foreign language. You may take those tests, after you have studied one year of English, or ten years of English, as long as you want to check how your English level is. That’s why, I guess, they are called tests, not exams. Their function is testing, or checking, not examining.

And why is GRE an exam? As TOEFL and GRE are all taken in English, many people tend to put them in one category, without noticing their function. Yet GRE is an exam, not a test to check your ability in some area. The exam requires you to have strong basics on English language, mathematical capability as well as analytic thinking. Then you may be qualified to apply for graduate schools. Because of these reasons, you should have preparations before the exams, or you should have strong basics which you may obtain in college. Therefore, GRE is an exam, and widely accepted all over the world.

This is my theory about the definition of exam and test. However, some Americans themselves don’t know the differences of them, and they also have the same opinion that they are in one category. Probably.

Okay, now let me tell you what impressions I got from the TOEFL test. Because I haven’t taken the old version of this test, I cannot make comparison. But the new version looks more specific, and more difficult. It requires you have more capability in using English practically. I’m not ganna talking about these old stuffs, but the exam was really bad! I was almost exhausted after I had finished the exam. It was really tiring. I was kind of had no power, no energy… The test lasted for four hours!!! I sat there for four hours long!!! I was totally exhausted….

Listening Section
The listening section was really bad. It took one hour to finish it, and the headphone was put more than one hour in my head. My ears were miserable to bear such a pressure. Listening section has more than three conversations and more than ten lectures. The lectures were all about the different subjects in college such as archeology, zoology, chemistry, etc. When I thought it must be finished, there was another one came, and there was another one… That’s really boring….

Reading And Speaking Section

One unfortunate thing was, I didn’t realize the test had already started, but I was glancing at the screen until noticed the clock was working. And I didn’t manage my time well during the first passage of the reading section. You have chance to skip the questions, or go back to previous ones in the reading section. But you cannot do this in the listening section, and the questions will appear only after the lecture finish. The speaking section was really frsutrating. You are asked to talk to the microphone, there is no real conversation. Therefore, you would feel very strange. I didn’t feel comfortable, when I was answering the questions. And I don’t think I did a good job in speaking section, too. The only part makes me a little bit comfortable might be the writing section. I think I didn’t do too badly in it.

Writing Section

The writing section is also very challenging. It is divided in two, and you are only asked to rewrite the opinions again of which a short passage and a conversation are given before it. The second part is an independent writing task which asks you to write a passage according to the topic. This is very familiar to us, I guess.
6. GRE
Graduate Record Examination (or GRE in short) has two parts: General Test and Subject Test. Many universities require you to take GRE general test and in some cases also subject test. GRE general test has three section: Quantitative, Analytical, and Verbal.

Quantitative is about easy calculus. You are expected to get 760-800 out of 800. If you get less you have probably failed math in all years of high school or you are in love with someone or you have high fever.

Analytical is the decent part of this test, which you can really improve by practicing. This part tests your ability to understand structured sets of relationships, analyze and evaluate arguments, identify central issues and hypotheses. The major problem is that you cannot read the material as fast as an American. You should try to get more than 650 out of 800.

Verbal is last part which is the most stupid part of GRE! If you get 450 out of 800, it means that you are fairly good in English vocabulary. To improve your score in Verbal section you need to spend a very long time and receive a good English education. But many people believe that it is not that important to have a good score in Verbal part. Although GRE's General Test sucks, in many cases it is the only thing in which admission committee does have trust. So you should not screw up the exam, especially on Quantitative section.

450 means you English vocab is good as a non-English speaker. However, most Chinese and Indians get scores as good as 700-800. If you are trying to get to a very competitive program, starting a few years early to work on you English vocabulary pays well. The more competitive a program is, the more number of excellent applicants to that program. In those cases the admission committee starts using non-proven filters such as GRE scores to was down the pool of applicants. However, in some departments, they do not expect a high GRE verbal score from certain countries (like Iran). That is, if they had admitted a few students from those countries and they did as good as the rest (or better), they lower their expectation for GRE verbal scores from those countries. Conclusion: Start a few years early to improve your GRE verbal score to be able to compete with other International studnets who DO the same.

The cost for GRE general registration is around $ 125.

Some departments require you to take the Subject Test. My own opinion is you'd better take this test even if they do not require it. It is your strong point. The score is out of 990. Also they give you a percentile, which shows where you are compared to others. If you are above 85 you have a good chance of getting into a decent American school.

The cost to take GRE's Subject Test is around $150. Here is GRE website : http://www.gre.org
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men "xin dong fang " da oqush jeryanida his qilghanlirim:
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yiqinda bir tor bitidin kurup qaldim. "xin dong fang" mektiping urumchidimu bir tarmaq kitap sitish dukini bar iken. mexsus "xin dong fang" nig paydilnish matiryalini satidiken. lekin ozem berip kurup baqmidim.
tordin korgen adirsi:

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