Uyghur Qiz Oqughuchilar Üchün Hindistanda Toluq Kurusta Oqush Pursiti:


  1. Choqum toluqsiz 3-yilliq yaki toluq ottura 1-yilliqni tamalighan bolush
  2. In'gliz tilida ders élip mangalaydighan bolush
  3. 20 pirsent oqush  chiqimini özi töliyeleydighan bolush
  4. Qiz oqughuchi bolush

Eger mushu shertlerge chüshsingiz hemde bu oqushqa qiziqsingiz, men bilen «» élxet arqiliq alaqilishing.

Studying Opportunities for Uyghur Female High School Students in India


Woodstock School is located in the mountains of North India. It is an excellent high school with a diverse international student body.  They provide a very good college preparatory education for students headed for the best universities in US, UK or India.


Woodstock is committed to increasing greater diversity in its student body.  One of the goals is to attract more students from Muslim families in South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. This year, at least two qualified Uyghur students can receive as much as an 80% scholarship to Woodstock.  Ideally, they are looking for female students in grades 9 or 10. 

Students who will be considered for these scholarships need to have adequate English fluency and a successful academic record.  They would also have to demonstrate a financial need.  Application deadline for the coming fall is August 2010.  You can read more about this school on the school’s website at:
Please send e-mail to erkinsidiq
if you are qualified and are interested.

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