Low-Cost Studying Opportunities for Uyghur Students at West City College, London, UK


Recently the West City College (the school home page here:http://westcitycollege.co.uk/) created 497 seats and UK home office approved that London West City College can sponsor students across the world. The biggest advantage of studying in the West City College is that all the tuition and living expenses are not higher than any other higher education institution.  And well fit with the economic conditions of students who are from the Uyghur Region.

Lately West City College made a specific program for the students from middle class families that now Chinese students have a chance to study in UK with a very low rate such as only 3900 Pounds for Cambridge first English certificate and 4900 Pounds for other subjects which have been affiliated by LCM and the qualifications are well recognized around the world.  The college has a wide range of different subjects, the whole application procedure is simple, course duration is very short, and at the same time AGA consultancy UK Limited which apporoved by OISC company is going to provide immigration services for students free of charge .  The program is suitable for anyone who is over 17 years and up to 55 years old.  They will provide free advice and arrange them easy immigration way or easy student visas for the UK accordingly.
Two years for the diploma, three years for BA and one year for MA. Furthermore, students can work and they can concentrate their classes to two days for their convenience as the college only arrange 15 to 20 hours for students per week according to UK education requirements.

If you are an Uyghur student, are interested in this opportunity, and need help on the application procedure, please contact Atikem by:

Tel:     86-1-891-061-0212
Email: aierken@westcitycollege.co.uk


January 22, 2012


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